Mark Maga

Gems of Hamilton – Locke Street

Locke Street is Hamilton’s most eclectic neighbourhood. Locke Street has everything you are looking for whether it be a relaxing day at the spa, fine dining, home furnishings, the latest fashion and much more. Locke Street is a nice street to take a stroll on with many shops to visit and explore.

The Street has so much to offer to so many different people, but Locke Street isn’t just a street full of shops, it is also the home to the Hill Street Community Garden. Hill Street Community Garden is between Dundurn and and Locke Street. This garden is purposed to serve the Southwest Hamilton community by organizing and providing a shared community garden.

The garden is a great way to educate children and others who are unfamiliar with gardening and can discover their connection to food and the earth. It helps promote health in the community around it.

Do you want to garden and be a part of this community? You can register and pay $20 for a half plot of about 100 square feet. It’s never too late to be apart of something wonderful.

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